Monday, January 10, 2011

Lesson 1 - 'Hello, How are you?'


The first thing you might say when you will land here would be greeting to a person. So lets start with basic greetings!

Example (English)
  1. Neil - Good Morning!
  2. Raj - Hello!
  3. Neil - How are you Raj?
  4. Raj - Yes, I am fine, thank you. And you?
  5. Neil - Fine, fine !!

    Example (French)
  1. Neil - Bonjour!
  2. Raj - Salut!
  3. Neil - Ca va Raj?
  4. Raj - Oui, ca va, merci. Et toi?
  5. Neil - Ca va, ca va !




पहली बार जब आप किसीसे बात करेग्न्गे, तो वोह होगा एक व्यक्ति को अभिवादन. तो अभिवादन के साथ शुरू करते हैं फ्रेंच समझाने की कोशिश!

उदाहरण (हिंदी)
  1. नील -नमस्ते! (Neil - Namaste)
  2. राज - नमस्ते! (Raaj - Namaste)
  3. नील -तुम कैसे हो राज? (Neil - Tum kaise ho Raaj?)
  4. राज - मैं ठीक हूँ, धन्यवाद. और तुम? (Raaj - Main thik hoon, dhanyawad, aur tum?)
  5. नील - ठीक हूँ! (Neil - Main thik hoon)
उदाहरण (फ्रेंच)
  1. नील - बोन-जुर!
  2. राज - सल्यु!
  3. नील - स वा, राज?
  4. राज - स वा, मेर्सी.त्वा?
  5. नील - स वा!


  1. Thanks !! You are one of the motivations !

  2. Wow... this is good :) When did you started this ?

    btw, what it would mean in french if some one says "Uyee Maa" ?

  3. I started this blog four days ago!
    Uyee Maa might mean nothing in French, but if we only go with the pronunciations then it means 'Yes mine!'

  4. Hi, this is nice blog.. to learn French Basics...
    Are you still active on your blog?


  5. Nice really should write it more often!....

  6. hey pallavi, thanx a ton; have been loking for it, loved it, plz post more lessons or if u have all these lessons in pdf, plz do send to , i am lalit from jaipur, but working in Abidjan, ivory coast the 3rd largest french speaking country............. help help.

    lookin forward to see a reply.
    merci beaucoup :p

  7. I must say it is the best source of learning french through hindi. I must thank you for writing such a beautiful blog. Anyway I am going to subscribe it. Merci!


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  9. Hey..Bonjour

    don't stop. keep updating.

    you are a motivation and great help.


  10. Salut Pallavvi, ca va pallavi? me and wife learnt lesson 1 today. Merci

  11. hey (thank u so much)-(merci) very easy to learn

  12. I am really inspired. I am destined to teach French to students. And I am going to use your lessons.
    Prof. Gopal Sharma

  13. Why did you stop writing? I am thinking to read more or your blog post, but cannot find any. Please continue writing more.

  14. Dear Pallavi,
    Good Job and very helpful for us..But very few lessons are there. Requesting you to add more & more lessons. So that we also learn through this.

    I really appreciate you for your efforts. The way you explain is absolutely great...

    Hat of to u.


  15. why you Left blogging? only 4/5 chapters?